rfpPrep® by three+one®
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An Entirely Online tool for Banking, Investment, Merchant & E-Payments.

rfpPrep® can reduce the time of the RFP process by 75%

We provide a fully automated and tailored approach that guarantees fair bidding. The online service gives you a comprehensive response analysis allowing you to  quickly and easily compare each bank’s services, products, and pricing.

Designed for Public Sector & Higher-Ed
Industry-specific evaluation.
Simplify Banking Jargon
Complex RFP models are eliminated.
Error-Free & Fair Bidding
Compare each response with a tailored approach.

A proprietary tool by three+one®

As leaders in FinTech, we remove the hardship of the RFP process by automating it into 4 easy steps.
“rfpPrep® enables our entity to move quickly in notifying potential vendors of an open opportunity to bid on our banking services."

Issue a call for proposals knowing that a secure electronic system is there to easily replace the outmoded method of pen & paper RFPs.

“Our finance team no longer had to contend with bankers boxes full of paper proposals. Now we seamlessly use our rfpPrep® portal to electronically accept bids"

Navigate the public procurement process openly and allow a greater number of banking institutions to bid for your entity’s business. Easier bidding processes result in more competitive advantages for your entity.

“Our banking institution provides the services we need at just the right fee structure. Had our entity not utilized rfpPrep®, we might not have found our best-fit."

The streamlined electronic method safeguards the integrity of the procurement process, which is especially vital when taxpayer resources are involved.

“The scoring process used to take hours, if not days. With rfpPrep® we simply allow the software to evaluate with error-free results."

Transparency is vital to the public procurement process. rfpPrep® is designed with these strict requirements in mind to apply consistent rating across all vendor responses.

Take the next step. A custom data solution to maximize your cash.

cashvest® is a liquidity analysis utilizing proprietary algorithms to produce data-driven analysis and time-horizon evaluation. Apply this data to increase yields on current cash deposits & enhance revenue. Let cashvest® give you superior options for your bank deposits.